“We had a terrific time on the inaugural cruise of the Privateer! The crew was amazing and personable, the ship buzzing with excitement. It was obvious that you all do this because you LOVE it. When we spent time with that huge pod of dolphins the oooohhhh\’s and aaaaaaah\’s coming from deck could be heard from space. Thank you so much for a relaxing, exciting, beautiful evening!”

… Alexandra T.,

“Kudos to Captain Mark, Chris and the rest of the crew! We had the pleasure of going on the Privateer\’s 1st inaugural cruise and it was a blast! The crew is courteous, polite and friendly, even to the point of coming to get you and lead you into the marina when you make a wrong turn in the Sea World traffic! (Thanks again Chris) No whale sightings but we did see a super pod of dolphin and a spectacular sunset. Mark and crew certainly go out of their way to make you feel at home with them!”

… Tom M.,

“We were fortunate to see 3 gray whales and tons of dolphins on our trip; it was the most amazing experience ever. It is definitely better than anything I’ve seen at Sea World. We’ll be coming back often.”

… Michelle F.,

“Thank-you so much for the cruise tonight. Seeing a huge pod of dolphins was awesome. Everyone on your boat is so nice, and I want to give an extra big thanks to the guys who helped me get on and off the boat with my crutches. You go above and beyond to make your passengers happy!! Cannot wait to take a cruise with you again very soon…….”

… Rene May,

“This is the best time I have ever had in my life.”

… Chris J.,

“Thanks for the fantastic trip and amazing birthday party for little Stevie! Your staff made things run flawlessly and ensured that the kids had a great time. They’ve talked about it for a week now. We will definitely be back!”

… Laura,

“I couldn’t believe how close the whales came to the boat. We saw a mother and calf. Melissa’s education on the whales was great too.”

… Julie & Miles,

“We’re back home in Germany now and wanted to thank you guys for an amazing trip. We really didn’t know what to expect but your crew and the entire experience was amazing. Everyone was so friendly. You do a great job of maintaining a fun, relaxing environment. Thanks for everything!!!”

… Susie,

“All I can say is WOW!! A great day enjoyed by all. Thanks to all the crew!!”

… Kyle & Nikki,

“The memory of the whales will live with me forever. Absolutely beautiful”

… Kelly,

“The best cruise in San Diego, hands down. Mainly because of the crew! You guys rocked.”

… Sean,

“I’ve whale watched in many places (New Zealand, Alaska, Hawaii) but this was by far the most enjoyable trip. The boat is spacious and has lots of room to view the animals. The captain gives everyone ample time to get their pictures and the crew was really friendly. Thanks to Captain Rick and the entire crew for a great time!”

… Andrew,

“My mother and I had a fabulous time on the sunset cruise. We really enjoyed the experience and it was a highlight of our trip to Southern California. The staff could not have provided better service. They were very attentive and made the trip so enjoyable. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone visiting San Diego.”

… Jeanine,